We started Fipin because we believe clean clothes are a must, but doing laundry is not

Our story

Fipin was founded in 2014 in Singapore by Jay Brand to make laundry service easily available for tourists in South East Asia. One afternoon in Singapore Jay found himself facing a choice: to pay the hotel laundry service 8 dollars per T-shirt; or to go around a foreign city for hours looking for alternative, with laundry bag and local language speaking skills stretched to the limit. Like anyone who travels a lot, he had experienced this many times before and neither option looked too exciting. After all, nobody wants to deal with laundry on their holiday or business trip. This is how fipin was born.

Our mission

Our lives become so much better by sharing. We’re now greener, more connected and financially independent than ever. We have been doing it with our cars (Uber, Lyft), our apartments (AirBnb), why not share our laundry machine too? With fipin, you help tourists in your city to get their clothes cleaned. You have a washing machine at home that is not used 95% of the time? Put it to use and make some money, it’s easier than ever.